The ALM system – new equipment for control of axle loads and the weight of the load.

ALMALM was designed on base of the requests and wishes of our clients - transportation and logistics companies, developers, and system operators GPS-monitoring. As a result, we can offer equipment that provides accurate data for all the weight parameters of the vehicle both on Board and on the Manager server with an accuracy of 1-2%.

With ALM system our customers can solve two main tasks:

  1. The driver controls the loading of the cargo, eliminating overloads, and as a result to avoid penalties and breakage of the suspension;
  2. Manager on office in the online mode continuously monitors the weight of the load.

This is the advantage and difference ALM from similar systems, which are offered as an option in the form of sensors that transmit only signals to the terminals of the GPS monitoring. Data from them are not visible to the driver and available only on the server. Regular system axle loads mostly have a high resolution up to 500 kg and uniform distribution along the axes, and accordingly a large error. In addition, no signal to external devices.

In our ALM system, we got rid of these shortcomings.

The ALM system allows to control all the weight parameters of the vehicle with high accuracy!