We invite You to be the first one to introduce in the region a new area of business, characterized by high profitability and almost no competition, namely: equipping trucks with a system of precise control of axle load and weight "ALM".

This is a highly profitable business in which income is formed from two directions:

  1. Sales. We provide You with the equipment with the affiliate discount.
  2. Services for installation and calibration. Equipment on a truck by two trained technicians takes 2-4 hours, depending on suspension type.

Installation of the system ALM represents the location in the driver's cab of on-Board unit with integrated display, mounting of sensors axle load (pressure sensors for the suspension, the displacement sensors for spring suspension) and the wiring from the sensors to the onboard unit (as body and trailer, if any).

To arrange installation of ALM systems, you will need: a box for mounting the equipment; axial scales (swivel or stationary) for calibration of the system; smooth paved or concreted area for performance of works on calibration; the ability to maximize the vehicle load.

For its part, we provide You with ongoing technical and marketing support, produce training for Your staff, share with them experiences and new developments.partner 01

The strategy of our company is to conduct research, introduce new technologies and continuously improve products and installation methods. Thus, we deduce the application of ALM systems to the mass level.

We hope for a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation!