Air suspension truck involves the injection of air to the cylinders to adjust its ground clearance. The more weight, the higher the pressure. By measuring the pressure in the pneumatic cylinders, you can calculate the load of the vehicle. To measure pressure using a special pressure sensor that mounts directly to the cylinder or in connection of pneumatic tubes with the use of the tee. When loading the vehicle changes the pressure in the cylinders and, therefore, the output signal of the sensor. From the sensor to the onboard computer ALM laid cable.

Set of equipment for spring car:

  • On-Board computer ALM - 1 Pcs.;
  • The tilt sensor - 2 Pcs.;
  • Mounting kit - 2 Pcs.;
  • Cable - 2 Pcs.

If the configuration of the car - hitch (track and semitrailer), used additional coiled cable and a sealed 3 pin plug, for connection of wires from a sensor installed in the trailer, with the cab.