ALM-Board computer designed for collecting and processing signals from sensors and output information to the screen. In addition, ALM can transmit processed data to the devices of GPS and GLONASS monitoring of transport.

The counts of the inputs 2
Type of the input analog, 0-5V
The counts of the outputs 1
Type of the output RS-485 (standard protocol digital fuel level sensor)
The format of the display 8х2
Backlight adjustable
Memory internal, non-volatile
Voltage 10-50V
Dimensions 83,5 х 57,5 х 24mm
Weight 150g
Temperature range -30... +60 С


Parameter Unit. Bit
axle 1    т 0.1
axle 2    т 0.1
axle 3    т 0.1
axle 4    т 0.1
axle 5    т 0.1
axle 6    т 0.1
Total W (total weight of vehicle)    т 0.1
Total CW (cargo weight)    т 0.1
BATTERY (the battery voltage)    В 1

Number of axes displayed on the screen depends on the number of axles of the vehicle (set at the stage of calibration of the system).